Vistra has a different approach to the way investment banking services are generally provided. Our focus centers in a rigorous methodology that allows us to validate our Clients needs and objectives arising from the specific conditions of their businesses. Our specialties include strategic advisory, corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, capital raising and debt restructuring


  • Our Clients objectives are analyzed vis-à-vis their business´s and industry´s specific conditions

  • To validate the rationale of such objectives, a rigorous industry research is developed at various levels, alongside with a study on the company and its competitors

  • The results of the strategic review allows us to confirm or suggest modifications to the Clients initial objectives, and in occasions offer recommendations to strengthen the company´s strategy

  • Based on the previous work, a “value thesis” is developed. This thesis specifically defines the strategy that generates the highest value for our client and the rationale that supports it

  • Once the strategy is approved, we implement it in conjunction with our client

  • Our extensive international network allows us to offer our Clients opportunities that aren´t generally available in the local market