Based on a rigorous methodology that allows us to understand and validate the needs and objectives of our clients, our Corporate Finance practice offers advice and support in areas ranging from capital structure optimization and financing sources, to the structuring and execution of joint ventures, fairness opinions, cost of capital management and capital allocation strategies


We advise companies and their shareholders in the evaluation and execution of some of their most complex strategic decisions. With a rigorous tailor-made, independent and unbiased approach to M&A, our clients benefit from our team’s extensive cross border experience; network that reaches key decision makers; and market knowledge. Our services include buy-side, sell-side, Mergers and cover all aspects of the transaction including strategy, valuation, timing, structure, financing, negotiation and closing


Our Capital Raising practice focuses on understanding the financing needs of our clients and matching those needs with the different alternatives offered in the market. By developing a thorough understanding of our client’s operations and strategic objectives, we develop a value thesis

Our clients benefit from our extensive network of international and local, equity and debt providers including: institutional investors, family offices, private equity funds, banks multilateral institutions, and impact investment funds among others; which allows us to find the most appropriate solution to their financing needs 


The objective of our financial restructuring practice is to help our clients in financial difficulties, by providing expert and timely advise in the execution of financial restructurings and/or reorganizations, in both in-court or out-of-court settings. Our process is based on a solid understanding of our client’s operations, strategy and industry dynamics, in order to develop realistic and actionable plans. Our services include restructuring and/or refinancing exiting debt and other securities, negotiation of prepackaged plans for in-court reorganizations, developing and structuring plans for reorganization under bankruptcy law


We provide advice and guidance to companies and their shareholders. Our services range from strategic planning, business model upgrade, capital structure optimization, and business expansion, among others. In other instances, we are called upon to assist or validate the work of our Client’s internal finance departments

Our objective is to facilitate the execution of the company’s strategy ensuring its coherence with the current and expected industry environment